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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Béline Girl Germanic Serpent
Belourine Girl Afghan Crystal
Benjamine Girl Hebrew Son of my right ...
Berdine Girl Germanic Bright maiden
Berendine Girl Germanic Bear brave; brav...
Bernadine Girl German Bear brave; brav...
Bernardine Girl German Bear brave; brav...
Bettine Girl Hebrew My God is a vow
Blaine Boy Gaelic Yellow
Blandine Girl Latin Caressing
Caine Boy English Reed, cane; tall...
Cairistěne Girl Latin Follower of Christ
Capucine Girl French Nasturtium
Carine Girl Latin Beloved
Carline Girl German Free man
Carmeline Girl Hebrew Garden; orchard;...
Carmine Boy Hebrew Garden; orchard
Carminea Girl Latin N/A
Carmineus Boy Latin N/A
Caroline Girl German Free man
Catharine Girl Greek Pure
Catherine Girl Greek Pure
Cathrine Girl Greek Pure
Catline Girl Gaelic Pure
Catrine Girl Greek Pure
Celandine Girl Greek Swallow
Célestine Girl French Heavenly; divine
Céline Girl French N/A
Césarine Girl Latin N/A
Chaonaine Girl African It has seen me