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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Régine Girl Latin Queen
Reine Girl French Queen
Romaine Girl Latin Roman
Rosaline Girl Germanic Weak, tender or ...
Roseline Girl Latin Rose
Sabine Girl Latin Of the Sabine tr...
Sandrine Girl Greek Defending men
Séraphine Girl Latin From seraphim, m...
Sergine Girl Latin Servant
Séverine Girl Italian Prudent, wise
Sharine Girl French Dear one
Sharline Girl Germanic Free man
Sharmaine Girl Latin N/A
Sherline Girl American E... N/A
Shiminege Girl African We will forsee o...
Shoushine Girl Hebrew Lily; rose
Sine Girl Hebrew God is gracious
Sinéad Girl Gaelic God is gracious
Sixtine Girl Latin Sixth
Soline Girl Latin Solemn
Steiner Boy English Dyer
Stephaine Girl Greek Crown
Stephine Girl Greek Crown
Sunshine Girl English Light from the sun
Sylvaine Girl Latin Of the forest
Taine Boy Pacific Is... Man; god of the ...
Tareva-Chine Girl N/A N/A
Thomasine Girl Aramaic Twin
Thomazine Girl Aramaic Twin
Tiphaine Girl Greek Manifestation of...