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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Lurline Girl German Murmuring rock
Madelaine Girl Hebrew From Magdala
Madeleine Girl Hebrew From Magdala
Madeline Girl Hebrew From Magdala
Maëline Girl French N/A
Maktaghine Girl Hebrew Of Magdala
Maninee Girl Sanskrit Resolute
Marc-Antoine Boy Latin From the god Mars
Marceline Girl Latin Little Marcus
Marcelline Girl Latin Little Marcus
Marcine Girl Latin From the god Mars
Marcinek Boy Latin From the god Mars
Marine Girl Latin From the god Mar...
Marjolaine Girl French Marjoram
Marlaine Girl Hebrew Of Magdala
Marline Girl Hebrew Of Magdala
Martine Girl Latin From the god Mars
Martinez Boy Latin From the god Mars
Maxine Girl Latin Little Maximus
Melaine Girl Greek Black
Meline Girl Greek Honey; quince-ye...
Méline Girl Greek Honey; quince-ye...
Mélusine Girl French N/A
Micheline Girl Hebrew Who is like God?
Mineko Girl Japanese Summit and child
Mineo Boy Japanese Man of the summit
Miner Boy English Miner
Minerva Girl Latin Mind; intellect
Minerve Girl Latin Mind; intellect
Minervia Girl N/A N/A