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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Ildikó Girl Hungarian Fighter
Irmenhild Girl Germanic Universal battle
Klotild Girl German Famous fight
Mathilda Girl Germanic Powerful battler
Mathilde Girl German Powerful battler
Matild Girl German Powerful battler
Matilda Girl Germanic Powerful battler
Matilde Girl German Powerful battler
Mildburg Girl English Mild fortress
Mildburh Girl English Mild fortress
Mildgyth Girl English Gentle war
Mildred Girl English Gentle strength
Ragnhild Girl Germanic Counsellor in ba...
Reinhild Girl Germanic Counsellor in ba...
Romilda Girl Germanic Famous battle
Sunhild Girl Norse Battle of the sun
Tilda Girl Germanic Powerful battler
Tilden Boy English Fertile valley
Tildie Girl German Powerful battler
Tildy Girl German Powerful battler
Wild Boy English Wild, uncontrolled
Wilda Girl Germanic To strive
Wilde Boy English Wild, uncontrolled
Wilden Boy English Wild, savage
Wilder Boy English Wild, uncontrolled
Wilding Boy English Wild, savage
Wildy Boy English N/A