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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Domini Boy Latin Lord
Dominic Boy Latin Lord
Dominica Girl Latin Lord
Dominick Boy Latin Lord
Dominicus Boy Latin Lord
Dominiczka Girl Latin Lord
Dominie Both Latin Lord
Dominik Boy Latin Lord
Dominika Girl Latin Lord
Dominique Both Latin Lord
Einion Boy Welsh Anvil
Einiona Girl Welsh Anvil
Einir Both English Respect
Eruini Girl English Prosperous in war
Finian Boy Gaelic Little fair one
Finigan Boy Gaelic Descendant of Finn
Finis Boy Latin The end
Gavinia Girl Welsh White hawk of ba...
Gemini Both Latin Twin
Hanini Both Hawaiian To pour down (as...
Hasini Girl Sanskrit Delightful
Hastini Girl Sanskrit Elephant
Heini Both Welsh Sprightly, active
Hemamalini Girl Sanskrit Garlanded with g...
Hemangini Girl Sanskrit Golden bodied
Herminia Girl Germanic Man in the army
Hirini Boy English Wide meadow
Ini Girl N/A N/A
Inia Girl Sanskrit Body of water
Iņiga Girl Latin Fiery