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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Honi Both Hawaiian To koss; to smel...
Honir Boy Norse N/A
Honoiwairua Both Maori Assembly place o...
Honoka Girl Japanese Faint; indistinct
Honor Both Latin Honour
Honora Girl Latin Honour
Honorat Boy Latin Honour
Honorata Girl Latin Honoured
Honoratka Girl Latin Honoured
Honorato Boy Spanish Filled with honor
Honoratus Boy Latin Honoured
Honorcia Girl Latin Honoured
Honoré Boy Latin Honored
Honoria Girl Latin Honour
Honorina Girl Latin Honour
Honorine Girl Latin Honored
Honorius Boy Latin Honour
Honorka Girl Latin Honoured
Honour Girl Latin Honour
Honoura Girl Latin Honour
Honovi Girl Native Ame... Snake Priest
Jashon Boy American E... N/A
Jayshon Boy American E... N/A
Jehona Girl Albanian Echo
Johnathon Boy Hebrew God has given; g...
Jonathon Boy Hebrew God has given; g...
Kahoni Both Hawaiian The kiss
Kaihohonu Both Hawaiian Deep sea; high t...
Ke Shon Boy American E... N/A
Khongordzol Girl Mongolian Thistle