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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Sherly Girl English Bright grassland
Sherlyn Girl American E... N/A
Sherman Boy English One who shears c...
Sherralyn Girl N/A N/A
Sherree Girl French Darling
Sherrell Girl French Dear one
Sherri Girl Hebrew The plains
Sherrie Girl Hebrew The plains
Sherrilyn Girl N/A N/A
Sherrilynn Girl N/A N/A
Sherrunda Girl Hebrew The plains
Sherry Girl Hebrew The plains
Sherwin Boy English Glowing friend
Sherwood Boy English Bright, wooded g...
Sherye Girl Hebrew The plains
Sheryl Girl French Dear one
Southerland Boy Norse Southern land
Sutherlan Boy Norse Southern land
Sutherland Boy Norse Southern land
Tesher Boy Hebrew Gift
Thatcher Boy English Roof repairer
Thera Girl Greek Harvester
Theresa Girl Greek Harvester
Therese Girl Greek Harvester
Theresia Girl Greek Harvester
Theron Boy Greek Hunter
Trahern Boy Welsh Strong as iron
Traherne Boy Welsh Great iron
Usher Boy English Usher; gate-keeper
Uther Boy Welsh Uncertain, perha...