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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Hershell Boy N/A N/A
Hershey Boy German Deer
Hersila Girl Spanish Limber and lovely
Hersilia Girl Spanish Limber and lovely
Herta Girl German Strong
Hertha Girl English The earth's child
Hertsel Boy N/A N/A
Hertz Boy German Heart; kind-hear...
Hertzel Boy N/A N/A
Hertzela Girl N/A N/A
Heru Boy Ancient Eg... Far away; distan...
Herv Boy Breton Battle worthy or...
Herve Boy Breton Battle worthy or...
Herz Boy Germanic Hardy, brave, st...
Jagher Boy English Pedlar
Jophery Boy Germanic God's peace
Kaheru Girl Maori Digging instrume...
Katherin Girl Greek Pure
Katherina Girl Greek Pure
Katherine Girl Greek Pure
Katheryn Girl Greek Pure
Kheri Boy Swahili Better
Kristopher Boy Greek Bearer of Christ
Leuther Boy Germanic People army
Luther Boy Germanic People army
Mahershalal... Boy Hebrew He speeds to plu...
Margherita Girl Greek Pearl
Mather Boy English Mower
Meagher Boy French Thin, slender
Melcher Boy Persian King city