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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Cherri Girl French Dear one
Cherrie Girl French Dear one
Cherrill Girl French Dear one
Cherry Girl English Cherry
Cheryl Girl French Darling
Cheryle Girl French Dear one
Cherylin Girl French Dear one
Cheryll Girl French Dear one
Christopher Boy Greek Bearer of Christ
Cristopher Boy Greek Bearer of Christ
Cythera Girl Greek N/A
Cytherea Girl Greek N/A
Cytheria Girl Greek N/A
Eghert Boy Germanic Strong through t...
Eleftherios Boy Greek Freedom, liberty
Eleuthera Girl Greek Free
Eleutherios Boy Greek Freedom, liberty
Esther Girl Persian Star
Fakher Boy Arabic Good-looking
Fisher Boy English One who fishes
Fletcher Boy English Maker of arrows
Gallagher Boy Gaelic Brave, valiant
Gunther Boy German Battle
Gwilherm Boy Germanic Will, desire and...
Hatcher Boy English Someone living b...
Heather Both English Heather
Hera Girl Greek Lady; protectress
Heracles Boy Greek Glory of Hera
Heráclio Boy Greek Grandiose gift; ...
Herakles Boy Greek Glory of Hera