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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Abheri Girl Sanskrit Fearless
Acher Boy Hebrew Other
Acheron Boy Greek River of woe; di...
Ahere Girl Maori Bird snare
Ahern Boy Gaelic Descendant of Ea...
Anahera Girl Maori Archangel or angel
Archer Boy English Bowman
Asher Boy Hebrew Fortunate; bless...
Ashera Girl Hebrew Fortunate; bless...
Asherah Girl Phoenician N/A
Atherton Boy English Aedelhere's sett...
Awhero Girl Maori To desire someth...
Becher Boy English Beech tree; Stream
Beecher Boy English Lives near strea...
Butcher Boy English Butcher; animal ...
Catherin Girl Greek Pure
Catherina Girl Greek Pure
Catherine Girl Greek Pure
Cher Girl French Dear one
Cheri Girl French Dear one
Cherianne Girl French Dear one
Cherice Girl French Cherry
Cherie Girl French Darling
Cherilyn Girl N/A N/A
Cherilynn Girl French Dear one
Cherine Girl French Dear
Cherise Girl French Cherry
Cherish Girl English To care for dearly
Chermona Girl Hebrew Holy mountain
Chernobog Boy Slavonic Black God