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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Nahele Boy Hawaiian Woods, forest
Nephele Girl Greek Cloudy
Neshell Boy American E... N/A
Nichele Girl American E... N/A
Nichelle Girl American E... N/A
Nohely Girl American E... N/A
Ohel Boy Hebrew Tent
Ohela Girl Hebrew Tent
Ophelia Girl Greek Help; aid
Ophélie Girl Greek Help; aid
Othelia Girl Germanic Wealth
Othello Boy German Wealth
Pedahel Boy Hebrew Redeemed of God
Phelan Boy Gaelic Little wolf
Phelps Boy English Philip's son
Rachel Girl Hebrew Ewe
Rachela Girl Hebrew Ewe
Rachele Girl Hebrew Ewe
Rachelene Girl Hebrew Ewe
Racheline Girl Hebrew Ewe
Rachelle Girl Hebrew Ewe
Rahel Girl Hebrew Ewe
Richela Girl French Strong power; ha...
Richelle Girl French Strong power; ha...
Rochel Girl Hebrew Ewe
Rochelle Girl Germanic Battle cry; rest
Ruchel Girl Hebrew Ewe
Satchel Boy English Sack
Shelavia Girl Hebrew To be joined tog...
Shelavya Girl Hebrew To be joined tog...