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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Bethel Girl Hebrew House of the lord
Chelle Girl Hebrew Who is like God?
Chelsea Girl English Chalk landing pl...
Chelsey Girl English Chalk landing pl...
Chelsie Girl English Chalk landing pl...
Chelsy Girl English Chalk landing pl...
Diethelm Both Germanic Protector of the...
Ealdhelm Boy English Venerable helmet
Eithel Girl English Righteous; noble
Eliphelet Boy Hebrew God releases
Eshel Boy Hebrew Tamarix shrub
Ethel Girl English Righteous; noble
Ethelberga Girl English Noble fortress
Ethelbert Boy Germanic Nobly bright
Ethelburg Girl English Noble fortress
Ethelburga Girl English Noble fortress
Ethelburh Girl English Noble fortress
Etheldreda Girl English Noble strength
Ethelfleda Girl English Noble beauty
Ethelfrith Girl English Noble peace
Ethelgifu Girl English Noble gift
Ethelgyth Girl English Noble war
Ethelinda Girl Germanic Noble snake
Etheline Girl Germanic Noble snake
Ethelred Boy English Noble counsel
Ethelswith Girl English Noble Strength
Ethelwine Boy English Noble friend
Feidhelm Girl Gaelic Ever good
Friedhelm Boy Germanic Protector of the...
Guilhelm Boy Germanic Will, desire and...