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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Achelous Boy Greek He who drives ou...
Adanedhel Boy Literary Elf-man
Adhelm Boy English Noble helmet
Aethelburg Girl English Noble fortress
Aethelburh Girl English Noble fortress
Aetheldaeg Girl English Noble Day
Aetheldreda Girl English Noble strength
Aethelfled Girl English Noble beauty
Aethelfrith Girl English Noble peace
Aethelgifu Girl English Noble gift
Aethelgyth Girl English Noble war
Aethelred Boy English Noble counsel
Aethelswith Girl English Noble Strength
Aethelu Girl English Noble
Aethelwine Boy English Noble friend
Akahele Both Hawaiian Careful, cautious
Amraphel Boy Hebrew God's keeper; ke...
Amshel Boy Yiddish Angel
Anshel Boy Hebrew Fortunate; bless...
Anthelme Boy German Helmet of God
Antshel Boy Hebrew Fortunate; bless...
Archelaus Boy Greek Chief of the peo...
Arnhelm Boy Germanic Protected by the...
Arzhel Boy Breton Bear prince
Arzhela Girl Breton Bear prince
Asahel Boy Hebrew Creation of god
Athelstan Boy Germanic Noble stone
Barachel Boy Hebrew Blessed by God, ...
Barthélemy Boy Greek Son of Talmai
Behellagh Boy Gaelic Foolish pride