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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Abdul Muhai... Boy Arabic Servant of the P...
Abihail Both Hebrew My father is str...
Abishai Boy Hebrew My father is a g...
Achai Boy Native Ame... Brother
Achaius Boy Gaelic Horseman
Achishai Boy Hebrew My brother is a ...
Althaia Girl Greek Medicinal herb
Amichai Boy Hebrew My nation lives
Amishai Boy Hebrew Gift of my people
Anandabhair... Boy Sanskrit The blissful and...
Aodhaigh Boy Gaelic Fire
Atawhai Both Maori Kindess; caring
Avichai Boy Hebrew Father of life
Avishai Boy Hebrew My father is a g...
Ben-Chai Boy Hebrew Son of life
Ben-Yishai Boy Hebrew Son of Yishai
Bhairav Boy Sanskrit Destroys fear; f...
Bhairava Boy Sanskrit Destroys fear; f...
Bhairavi Girl Sanskrit Fear-inspiring
Brughaidh Boy Gaelic Farmer
Chai Boy Hebrew Life
Chaim Boy Hebrew Alive
Chaitali Girl Sanskrit Sharp of memory
Chaitanya Both Sanskrit Consciousness
Diorbhail Girl Gaelic A pledge
Eamhair Girl Gaelic Uncertain, possi...
Eochaidh Boy Gaelic Horseman
Hai Boy N/A N/A
Haiba Girl Swahili Charming
Haidar Boy Sanskrit Lion