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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Eachthighea... Boy Gaelic Horse lord, hors...
Ealdhelm Boy English Venerable helmet
Eghert Boy Germanic Strong through t...
Ehehene Both Hawaiian Merry laughter; ...
Ehetere Girl Persian Star
Eithel Girl English Righteous; noble
Eleftherios Boy Greek Freedom, liberty
Eleuthera Girl Greek Free
Eleutherios Boy Greek Freedom, liberty
Eliphelet Boy Hebrew God releases
Elisheba Girl Hebrew God is my oath
Elisheva Girl Hebrew My God is a vow
Erianthe Girl Greek Lover of flowers
Eshe Girl Swahili Life
Eshed Boy Hebrew Waterfall
Eshel Boy Hebrew Tamarix shrub
Esther Girl Persian Star
Ethel Girl English Righteous; noble
Ethelberga Girl English Noble fortress
Ethelbert Boy Germanic Nobly bright
Ethelburg Girl English Noble fortress
Ethelburga Girl English Noble fortress
Ethelburh Girl English Noble fortress
Etheldreda Girl English Noble strength
Ethelfleda Girl English Noble beauty
Ethelfrith Girl English Noble peace
Ethelgifu Girl English Noble gift
Ethelgyth Girl English Noble war
Ethelinda Girl Germanic Noble snake
Etheline Girl Germanic Noble snake