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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Wilhelmine Girl Germanic Will, desire and...
Winchell Boy English Child
Xanthe Girl Greek Yellow
Yachel Boy Hebrew To begin
Yahel Boy Hebrew To build shelter...
Yahelor Boy Hebrew To reflect light
Yahev Boy Hebrew To offer
Yaphet Boy Hebrew Handsome; beauti...
Yechezkel Boy Hebrew God will strengt...
Yechezkela Girl Hebrew God will strengt...
Yehosheva Girl Hebrew God's vow
Yesher Boy Hebrew Upright
Yochebed Girl Hebrew God's glory
Yocheved Girl Hebrew God's glory
Yohei Boy Japanese Flat sea
Youhei Boy Japanese Flat sea
Yun Hee Girl Korean Lotus flower and...
Zaccheus Boy Hebrew Untainted
Zachery Boy Hebrew The Lord remembers
Zacheus Boy Hebrew Untainted
Zanthe Girl Greek Yellow
Zecher Boy Hebrew Memory
Zepherin Boy Greek West wind
Zhenechka Girl Greek Well born
Zhenka Boy Greek Well born
Zhenya Girl Greek Well born