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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Theodosius Boy Latin Giver of God
Théodule Boy Greek Servant of god
Theokleia Girl Greek God + Glory
Theona Girl Greek Godly
Theone Girl Greek Godly
Theonie Girl Greek Godly
Theonoe Girl Greek Divine wisdom
Théophane Boy Greek Epiphany ('God a...
Theophanes Boy Greek Epiphany ('God a...
Theophania Girl Greek Epiphany ('God a...
Théophanie Girl Greek Epiphany ('God a...
Theophila Girl Greek Friend of God
Théophile Boy Greek Friend of God
Theophilos Boy Greek Friend of God
Theophilus Boy Greek Friend of God
Théotime Boy Greek One who honors G...
Thera Girl Greek Harvester
Theresa Girl Greek Harvester
Therese Girl Greek Harvester
Theresia Girl Greek Harvester
Theron Boy Greek Hunter
Thésée Boy Greek Institution; to ...
Theseus Boy Greek Disposes; orders
Thetis Girl Greek Dispose; order
Thheiba Girl Arabic Gold bar
Tighe Boy Gaelic Descendant of Ta...
Tighearnach Boy Gaelic Lordly, noble
Tighearnán Boy Gaelic Lord
Timothea Girl Greek To honor God, to...
Timothée Boy Greek To honor God, to...