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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Sherrie Girl Hebrew The plains
Sherrilyn Girl N/A N/A
Sherrilynn Girl N/A N/A
Sherrunda Girl Hebrew The plains
Sherry Girl Hebrew The plains
Sherwin Boy English Glowing friend
Sherwood Boy English Bright, wooded g...
Sherye Girl Hebrew The plains
Sheryl Girl French Dear one
Shesh Boy Sanskrit Remainder
Shesha Boy Sanskrit Remainder
Shet Boy Hebrew Appointed
Sheva Boy Hebrew Promise, an oath
Shevaughan Girl American E... N/A
Shevaughn Girl American E... N/A
Shevaune Girl Gaelic God is gracious
Shevi Boy Hebrew Return
Shevo Boy Hebrew Agate
Shevon Girl Gaelic God is gracious
Shevonne Girl Gaelic God is gracious
Shevuel Boy Hebrew Return to God
Shey Boy Hebrew Supplanter
Sheyla Girl Latin Blind
Shyheim Boy American E... N/A
Sopheap Both Cambodian Proper and gentle
Southerland Boy Norse Southern land
Stephen Boy Greek Crown
Sudhee Girl Sanskrit Excellent intell...
Sun Hee Girl Korean Goodness and ple...
Sutherlan Boy Norse Southern land