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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Sheng Li Boy Chinese Successful, very...
Sheng-Li Boy Chinese Successful, very...
Shenna Girl American E... N/A
Shep Boy English One who guards s...
Shepherd Boy English One who guards s...
Sher Boy Persian Lion
Sheraga Boy Aramaic Candle; light, b...
Sherah Girl Hebrew Kinswoman
Sheralyn Girl N/A N/A
Sheree Girl French Dear one
Sherelle Girl French Dear one
Sheri Girl Hebrew The plains
Sheridan Both Gaelic Long lived treas...
Sherie Girl Hebrew Princess
Sheril Girl French Dear one
Sherill Girl French Dear one
Sherilyn Girl N/A N/A
Sherise Girl French Cherry
Sherita Girl American E... N/A
Sherleen Girl American E... N/A
Sherlene Girl American E... N/A
Sherline Girl American E... N/A
Sherlock Boy English With cropped hair
Sherly Girl English Bright grassland
Sherlyn Girl American E... N/A
Sherman Boy English One who shears c...
Sherralyn Girl N/A N/A
Sherree Girl French Darling
Sherrell Girl French Dear one
Sherri Girl Hebrew The plains