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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Rohesia Girl Latin Rose
Rongomaiwhe... Girl Pacific Is... Earth mother
Ruchel Girl Hebrew Ewe
Rutherford Boy English Cattle ford
Ryohei Boy Japanese Good and flat
Ryouhei Boy Japanese Good and flat
Ryuhei Boy Japanese Prosper peaceful
Sacheverell Boy French Roebuck leap
Sagheerah Girl Arabic Small, short
Saheera Girl Arabic Wakeful
Saheerah Girl Arabic Wakeful
Salehe Boy African Excellent
Sánchez Boy Latin N/A
Sang Hee Girl Korean Benevolence and ...
Satchel Boy English Sack
Sekhet Girl Ancient Eg... She who is power...
Serapheim Boy Hebrew Fiery ones
Shaheen Girl Persian Royal falcon
Shaheer Boy Arabic Well-known
Shea Boy Gaelic Hawklike - grace...
Sheba Girl Hebrew Daughter of an o...
Shedrick Boy Persian Commanded by Aku
Sheeftah Girl Afghan Fascinated
Sheela Girl Indian Conduct yourself...
Sheelah Girl Latin Blind
Sheena Girl Gaelic God is gracious
Sheerah Girl Hebrew Kinswoman
Sheeva Girl Afghan Charming
Shefer Boy Hebrew Pleasant, nice, ...
Sheffield Boy English Sheaf pasture; s...