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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Rachela Girl Hebrew Ewe
Rachele Girl Hebrew Ewe
Rachelene Girl Hebrew Ewe
Racheline Girl Hebrew Ewe
Rachelle Girl Hebrew Ewe
Radheya Boy Indian Of Radha
Ragheeda Girl Arabic Prosperous, happy
Raheem Boy Persian Merciful, kind, ...
Rahel Girl Hebrew Ewe
Rakshee Girl Sanskrit To guard
Rasheed Boy Arabic Rightly guarded
Rasheeda Girl Arabic Rightly guarded
Rehema Girl Swahili Empathy; compass...
Resheph Boy Hebrew Fire
Rhea Girl Greek Earth
Rheana Girl Welsh Nymph
Rheanna Girl Welsh Nymph
Rheia Girl Greek Earth
Rheinallt Boy Germanic Ruler with counsel
Rheta Girl Greek Pearl
Rhett Boy English Advice, counsel
Rhetta Girl English Advice, counsel
Rhette Boy English Advice, counsel
Richela Girl French Strong power; ha...
Richelle Girl French Strong power; ha...
Richerd Boy French Strong power; ha...
Richey Boy French Strong power; ha...
Rochel Girl Hebrew Ewe
Rochelle Girl Germanic Battle cry; rest
Rochester Boy English Roof of a fort