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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Osher Boy Hebrew Happiness
Othelia Girl Germanic Wealth
Othello Boy German Wealth
Othenio Boy African Give birth by ni...
Panthea Girl Greek Of all the gods
Paricheher Girl Persian Fairy
Parthena Girl Greek A virgin; a maiden
Parthenia Girl Greek A virgin; a maiden
Parthenie Girl Greek A virgin; a maiden
Parthenope Girl Greek Maiden face
Peaches Girl English Peaches
Pedahel Boy Hebrew Redeemed of God
Penthea Girl Greek The fifth born
Pervenche Girl French Periwinkle
Pheakdei Boy Cambodian Loyalty
Pheakkley Girl Cambodian Faith; faithful
Phebe Girl Greek Bright
Phèdre Girl Greek Bright
Phelan Boy Gaelic Little wolf
Phelps Boy English Philip's son
Phernita Girl English Fern plant
Philathea Girl Greek Lover of God
Philothea Girl Greek Friend, lover of...
Porsche Girl Latin Pig
Prometheus Boy Greek Forethought
Psyche Girl Greek Soul
Pulcheria Girl Latin Beautiful
Pulcherie Girl Latin Beautiful
Purushendra Boy Sanskrit Chief of men; lo...
Rachel Girl Hebrew Ewe