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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Nasiche Girl African Given life durin...
Natashenka Girl Italian Christ's birthday
Nathen Boy Hebrew He (God) has given
Nawsheen Girl Persian Sweet
Nbushe Girl Swahili Godly one
Nechemya Boy Hebrew Consoled by God
Nehemia Boy Hebrew Consoled by God
Nehemiah Boy Hebrew Consoled by God
Nephele Girl Greek Cloudy
Neshell Boy American E... N/A
Netherwood Boy English Lower wood
Nhean Boy Cambodian Instinctive
Nichele Girl American E... N/A
Nichelle Girl American E... N/A
Nirbheda Both Sanskrit Without differen...
Nirbhedini Girl Sanskrit Without differen...
Nochehuatl Boy Aztec Constant; consis...
Nohea Boy Hawaiian Beautiful, hands...
Nohely Girl American E... N/A
Nosakhere Boy African The way of god i...
N´Bushe Girl Swahili Godly one
Oh to ah ne... Boy Native Ame... Seven bulls
Ohel Boy Hebrew Tent
Ohela Girl Hebrew Tent
Ohev Boy Hebrew He loves
Ophelia Girl Greek Help; aid
Ophélie Girl Greek Help; aid
Orphée Boy Greek Darkness
Orpheus Boy Greek Darkness
Oshea Boy Hebrew Helped by God, s...