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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Mahé Both Hebrew Gift of God
Maheera Girl Arabic Skilled
Mahendra Boy Sanskrit Great Indra
Mahershalal... Boy Hebrew He speeds to plu...
Mahesa Boy Sanskrit Great lord
Mahesh Boy Sanskrit Great ruler
Maheshwar Boy Sanskrit Great god; great...
Maheshwari Girl Sanskrit Great god; great...
Manheim Boy Germanic Home of men
Manuchehar Boy Persian Character from S...
Marchello Boy Latin Little Marcus
Margarethe Girl Greek Pearl
Margherita Girl Greek Pearl
Marshell Boy Germanic Horse servant
Marthe Girl Aramaic Lady
Marthena Girl Latin From the god Mars
Mashen Boy Hebrew Support
Mashena Girl Hebrew Support; a place...
Mathéo Boy N/A N/A
Mather Boy English Mower
Matheus Boy Hebrew Gift of God
Mathew Boy Hebrew Gift of God
Matthew Boy Hebrew Gift of God
Mayhew Boy Hebrew Gift of God
Mazhe Boy Hebrew Gift of God
Meagher Boy French Thin, slender
Megapenthes Boy Greek Great sorrow
Mehetabel Girl Hebrew God makes happy
Mei-Zhen Girl Chinese Beautiful pearl
Melanthe Girl Greek Dark flower