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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Katherin Girl Greek Pure
Katherina Girl Greek Pure
Katherine Girl Greek Pure
Katheryn Girl Greek Pure
Kechelle Girl American E... N/A
Keshelle Girl American E... N/A
Keshet Both Hebrew Rainbow
Khemkhaeng Boy Thai Strength
Kheri Boy Swahili Better
Khurshed Girl Persian Sun
Khursheed Boy Persian Sun
Kohei Boy Japanese Wide and flat
Kohen Boy Hebrew Priest
Kouhei Boy Japanese Wide and flat
Kristophe Boy Greek Bearer of Christ
Kristopher Boy Greek Bearer of Christ
Kuchela Boy Sanskrit Badly clothed
Kunthea Girl Cambodian Pleasing smell
Käthe Girl Greek Pure
Lachesis Girl Greek Measurer
Lahela Girl Hebrew Ewe
Laighean Boy Gaelic Spear, javelin
Laoidheach Boy Gaelic Poem, song
Leshem Boy Hebrew Opal
Lethe Girl Greek Forgetfulness
Leuther Boy Germanic People army
Lottchen Girl German Free man
Luther Boy Germanic People army
Madchen Girl German Girl
Maddchen Girl German Girl