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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Aethelu Girl English Noble
Aethelwine Boy English Noble friend
Agathe Girl Greek Good
Agheksandr Boy Greek Defending men
Agnethe Girl Greek Chaste
Ahe Both Hawaiian Softly blowing b...
Aheahe Both Hawaiian Softly blowing b...
Ahearn Boy Gaelic Descendant of Ea...
Ahere Girl Maori Bird snare
Ahern Boy Gaelic Descendant of Ea...
Aihe Girl Maori Dolphin
Ailbhe Both Gaelic White
Akahele Both Hawaiian Careful, cautious
Akanahe Both Hawaiian Speaks and acts ...
Akshee Girl Sanskrit Abode; existence...
Alethea Girl Greek Truth
Aletheia Girl Greek Truth
Alheit Girl Germanic Noble kind; of t...
Almathea Girl Greek Tender
Althea Girl Greek Medicinal herb
Althena Girl Greek N/A
Amalthea Girl Greek Tender
Amaltheia Girl Greek Tender
Amaranthe Girl Greek Unfading
Amichen Boy Hebrew My nation is gra...
Amraphel Boy Hebrew God's keeper; ke...
Amshel Boy Yiddish Angel
Anahera Girl Maori Archangel or angel
Andromache Girl Greek Battle of a man
Anoosheh Girl Afghan Lucky, happy