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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Hersila Girl Spanish Limber and lovely
Hersilia Girl Spanish Limber and lovely
Herta Girl German Strong
Hertha Girl English The earth's child
Hertsel Boy N/A N/A
Hertz Boy German Heart; kind-hear...
Hertzel Boy N/A N/A
Hertzela Girl N/A N/A
Heru Boy Ancient Eg... Far away; distan...
Herv Boy Breton Battle worthy or...
Herve Boy Breton Battle worthy or...
Herz Boy Germanic Hardy, brave, st...
Hesham Boy Arabic Pounding; generous
Heskel Boy Hebrew Wisdom
Hesketh Boy English Horse racecourse
Heskiah Boy Hebrew Power from god
Hesper Girl Greek Evening star
Hespera Girl Greek Evening star
Hesperia Girl Greek Evening star
Hesperos Boy Greek Soirée star
Hespers Boy Greek Soirée star
Hessley Boy American E... Modern
Hester Girl Persian Star
Hestia Girl Greek Home and hearth
Heta Girl Germanic Battle
Hetal Girl Indian Warm-hearted
Heti Boy Sanskrit Flame
Hetta Girl Germanic Battle
Hettie Girl Germanic Home ruler
Hetty Girl Germanic Home ruler