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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Hemaksi Girl Sanskrit Golden eyes
Hemalata Girl Sanskrit Vine of gold
Hemamalini Girl Sanskrit Garlanded with g...
Hemang Boy Sanskrit Gold-bodied
Hemanga Boy Sanskrit Gold-bodied
Hemangini Girl Sanskrit Golden bodied
Hemani Girl Sanskrit Made of gold; pr...
Hemant Boy Sanskrit Winter
Hemanta Boy Sanskrit Winter
Hemaraja Boy Sanskrit Golden king
Hemavati Girl Sanskrit Possesses gold
Hembadoon Girl African Victorious one
Hemda Girl Hebrew Charming; attrac...
Hemdia Girl Hebrew God is my desire
Hemdiah Girl Hebrew God is my desire
Hemendra Boy Sanskrit Golden lord
Hemi Boy Maori God is gracious
Hemlata Girl Sanskrit Vine of gold
Hemolele Both Hawaiian Perfect; holy; v...
Hemolelekea... Both Hawaiian The perfect god,...
Hemraj Boy Sanskrit Golden king
Hen Girl Hebrew Grace of God
Henare Boy Maori Home ruler
Henderson Boy English Son of Henry
Hendrick Boy Germanic Home ruler
Hendricks Boy Germanic Home ruler
Hendrik Boy Germanic Home ruler
Hendrix Boy Germanic Home ruler
Heni Girl Hebrew God is gracious
Henia Girl Hebrew Grace of God