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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Shakia Girl Arabic Handsome
Shakil Boy Arabic Handsome
Shakilah Girl Persian Pretty, shapely
Shakini Girl Sanskrit Powerful
Shakir Boy Arabic Grateful, thankful
Shakira Girl Arabic Thankful
Shakita Girl American E... N/A
Shakoor Boy Arabic Grateful, thankful
Shakra Boy Sanskrit Strong; powerful
Shakrari Boy Sanskrit Enemy of Shakra
Shakta Boy Sanskrit Able, capable; w...
Shakti Girl Sanskrit Power
Shaktidayaka Boy Sanskrit Giver of power
Shakunt Boy Sanskrit A type of bird
Shakunta Boy Sanskrit A type of bird
Shakuntala Girl Sanskrit A type of bird
Shubhakara Boy Sanskrit Beneficent
Shubhakari Girl Sanskrit Beneficent
Vishakha Boy Sanskrit Branched
Yitzchak Boy Hebrew He will laugh
Yizhak Boy Hebrew He will laugh