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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Grear Boy Greek Watcher
Green Boy English The colour green
Greene Boy English The colour green
Greenlee Boy English Green clearing
Greer Both Greek Watcher
Greeshawn Boy American E... N/A
Greet Girl Greek Pearl
Greetje Girl Greek Pearl
Greg Boy Greek Watcher
Gregg Boy Greek Watcher
Greggory Boy Greek Watcher
Gregor Boy Greek Watcher
Gregoria Girl Greek Watcher
Gregorio Boy Greek Watcher
Gregorios Boy Greek Watcher
Gregorius Boy Greek Watcher
Gregory Boy Greek Watcher
Gregson Boy English Gregg's son
Greidawl Boy Welsh Heat
Grene Boy English The colour green
Greshawn Boy American E... N/A
Greshawna Girl American E... N/A
Gresia Girl Spanish Grace
Greta Girl Greek Pearl
Gretal Girl Greek Pearl
Gretchen Girl Greek Pearl
Gretel Girl Greek Pearl
Gretje Girl Greek Pearl
Gretta Girl Greek Pearl
Grey Boy English Gray-haired; ple...