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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Agraciana Girl Spanish To pardon
Agrafena Girl Latin Feet first
Agrafina Girl Latin Feet first
Agraj Boy Sanskrit Eldest brother
Agraja Boy Sanskrit Eldest sister
Agrajeeta Boy Sanskrit First champion
Agrata Girl Sanskrit Priority; leader...
Alagracia Girl Spanish High Grace
Allegra Girl Italian Happy, jaunty
Altagracia Girl Spanish High Grace
Anugra Boy Sanskrit Not violent; gen...
Bagrat Boy Persian Made by God
Engracia Girl Latin Good will; in gr...
Grace Girl Latin Good will
Gracelyn Girl Latin Good will
Gracen Both English Son of Gray, son...
Gracia Girl Spanish Grace
Graciana Girl Spanish Grace
Gracie Girl Latin Good will
Graciela Girl Spanish Grace
Gracja Girl Italian Grace
Graden Boy English Gray-haired; ple...
Grady Boy Gaelic Child of nobility
Graeme Boy English Abode
Grafton Boy English Grove settlement
Graham Boy English Abode
Grahesh Boy Sanskrit King of the plan...
Grahisa Boy Sanskrit King of the plan...
Grahish Boy Sanskrit King of the plan...
Grainger Boy English Farm bailif