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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Asdghig Girl Armenian Little star
Asghig Girl Armenian Little star
Bríghid Girl Gaelic The exalted one
Burghild Girl Germanic Protected in bat...
Burghilde Girl Germanic Protected in bat...
Caoimhghín Boy Gaelic Beautiful at birth
Ghinjo Girl Swahili To slaughter
Ghipe Girl Swahili Sprout
Ghislain Boy Germanic Vow; hostage
Ghislaine Girl Germanic Vow; hostage
Ghiyas-ud-D... Boy Arabic Aid of Islam
Heghine Girl Greek Bright, shining ...
Hughie Boy Germanic Mind, heart or s...
Hughina Girl Germanic Mind, heart or s...
Maktaghine Girl Hebrew Of Magdala
Raghid Boy Arabic Wealthy
Raghida Girl Arabic Prosperous, happy
Saghir Boy Arabic Tiny
Saghirah Girl Arabic Small, short
Yeghia Boy Hebrew My God is the Lord
Yeghisapet Girl Hebrew My God is a vow