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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Agele Girl Greek Herd
Angel Both Greek Messenger
Angela Girl Greek Messenger
Angelberto Boy Spanish N/A
Angele Girl Greek Messenger
Angelena Girl Greek Messenger
Angelene Girl Greek Messenger
Angeles Both Spanish Messengers; angels
Angeli Girl Sanskrit Gift; offering
Angelia Girl American E... Angelic
Angelica Girl Latin Of the angels
Angelico Boy Greek Messenger
Angelika Girl Greek Messenger
Angelina Girl Greek Messenger
Angéline Girl Greek Messenger
Angélique Girl Latin Of the angels
Angelis Girl Greek Messenger
Angelita Girl Greek Messenger
Angelo Boy Greek Messanger
Angelos Boy Greek Messenger
Angelus Boy Greek Messenger
Biegel Boy Germanic Uncertain; perha...
Bridgely Boy English Builder of bridges
Engelbert Boy Germanic Bright Angle
Evangelia Girl Greek Good news; beare...
Evangelina Girl Greek Good news; beare...
Evangeline Girl Greek Good news; beare...
Faigel Girl Yiddish Bird
Feigel Girl Yiddish Bird
Gelda Girl English Covered with a t...