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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Free Both English Free
Freeborn Boy English One who is born ...
Freeborne Boy English One who is born ...
Freedman Boy English A man who has be...
Freeman Boy English Free man
Freesia Girl Latin Freese's flower
Freida Girl German Peace
Freija Girl Norse Woman
Freja Girl Norse Woman
Frejdis Girl Norse Woman of Freyr
French Both English Of France
Frey Both Norse Lord, he who is ...
Freya Girl Norse Woman
Freydís Girl Norse Woman of Freyr
Freyja Girl Norse Woman
Geoffrey Boy Germanic God's peace
Godfrey Boy Germanic God's peace
Goffredo Boy Germanic God's peace
Gwenfrewi Girl Welsh Blessed peace; f...
Hafren Girl Welsh From Celtic Sabi...
Humphfrey Boy Germanic Peaceful warrior
Ingefred Both Norse Ing's peace
Ingfred Boy Norse Ing's peace
Jeffrey Boy Germanic God's peace
Lefred Boy English Dear counsel
Malfred Boy Germanic Uncertain; perha...
Manfred Boy Germanic Peaceful strength
Manfredo Boy Germanic Peaceful strength
Onofre Boy Spanish Defender of peace
Sieffre Boy Germanic God's peace