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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Fortunat Boy Latin Fortunate
Fortunata Girl Latin Fortunate
Fortunato Boy Latin Fortunate
Fortunatus Boy Latin Fortunate
Fortuné Boy Latin Fortunate
Fortunée Girl Latin Fortunate
Fortunio Boy Latin Fortunate
Fortuno Boy Spanish Fortune
Gwenfor Girl Welsh White and great
Gwynfor Boy Welsh White and great
Hansford Boy English Ford near protec...
Ifor Boy Welsh Uncertain; perha...
Jefford Boy English Fat-cheeked
Langford Boy English Long ford
Lawford Boy English Lealla ford
Manford Boy English N/A
Mbafor Girl African Born during mark...
Milford Boy English Mill near the ford
Mumford Boy English Protection ford
Nicefor Boy Polish One who brings v...
Nikifor Boy Greek Victory of the p...
Radford Boy English Red ford
Rayford Boy English Ford on the Wray...
Redford Boy English Red ford
Rockford Boy French Strong rock
Rutherford Boy English Cattle ford
Sandford Boy English Sand ford
Sanford Boy English Sand ford
Stafford Boy English From Olde Englis...
Stamford Boy English Stony ford