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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Aelflaed Girl English Elf beauty
Afla Both Swahili Health
Fflamddwyn Boy Welsh Flame bearer
Flabia Boy Latin Yellow-haired
Flamur Boy Albanian Flag, banner
Flann Boy Gaelic Ruddy; red-headed
Flanna Girl Gaelic Red-haired
Flannacán Both Gaelic Ruddy; red-headed
Flannacha Boy Gaelic Red warrior
Flannagan Boy Gaelic Ruddy; red-headed
Flannait Girl Gaelic Ruddy; red-headed
Flannán Boy Gaelic Ruddy; red-headed
Flannchadh Boy Gaelic Red warrior
Flannery Both Gaelic Red-haired
Flavia Both Latin Golden
Flavian Boy Latin Golden
Flavie Girl Latin Golden
Flavien Boy Latin Golden
Flavio Boy Italian Yellow-haired
Flavius Boy Latin Golden
Flawiusz Boy Latin Golden
Wynflaeth Girl English Beautiful and fair