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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Adolfina Girl English Noble wolf
Adolfine Girl English Noble wolf
Agrafina Girl Latin Feet first
Aibfinnia Girl Gaelic Pleasant; beauti...
Aodhfin Boy Gaelic White fire
Cyffin Girl Welsh Boundary
Dafina Girl Swahili High worth
Delfina Girl Greek Dolphin
Delfino Boy Latin Dolphin
Fin Boy N/A N/A
Finbar Boy Gaelic Fair-haired
Finbarr Boy Gaelic With fair hair o...
Finch Boy English Finch
Findlay Boy Gaelic Fair warrior
Findley Boy Gaelic Fair warrior
Finegan Boy Gaelic Descendant of Finn
Finella Girl Gaelic Fair shoulder, w...
Fingal Boy N/A Nickname for vik...
Fingall Boy Gaelic Stranger with li...
Finian Boy Gaelic Little fair one
Finigan Boy Gaelic Descendant of Finn
Finis Boy Latin The end
Finlay Boy Gaelic Fair warrior
Finley Boy Gaelic Fair warrior
Finn Both Gaelic Fair
Finnchneas Girl Gaelic Fair-skinned
Finneacht Girl Gaelic Fair
Finnéadan Girl N/A With a light brow
Finneen Boy Gaelic Handsome child
Finnegan Boy Gaelic Descendant of Finn