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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Afan Boy Welsh N/A
Afanas Boy Greek Immortal
Afanasi Boy Greek Immortal
Afanasyi Boy Greek Immortal
Cadfan Boy Welsh Battle summit
Epifanio Boy Greek Manifestation
Esfandyar Boy Afghan Character in Sha...
Estefan Boy Greek Crown
Estefani Girl Greek Crown
Estefania Girl Greek Crown
Estefany Girl Greek Crown
Fan Girl N/A N/A
Fanaka Girl Swahili Prosperity, succ...
Fanana Both Swahili Resemble
Fanchette Girl Latin From France
Fancy Girl English Elaborate
Fane Boy English Glad
Fanechka Girl Latin From France
Fang Girl Chinese Fragrant; pleasant
Fang Hua Girl Chinese Aromatic flower
Fang-hua Girl Chinese Aromatic flower
Fanibhusan Boy Indian Lord Shiva
Fanikia Girl Swahili Prosperousness
Fanindra Boy Indian King of snake
Fanish Boy Indian King of snake
Fanishwar Boy Indian King of snake
Fanndís Girl Norse Snow woman; snow...
Fannee Girl Latin From France
Fanney Girl Latin From France
Fanni Girl Latin From France