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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Avifelet Boy Hebrew My father is my ...
Derfel Boy Welsh Oak prince; stub...
Fela Girl Latin Lucky
Felcia Girl Latin Lucky
Felecia Girl Latin Happy
Felek Boy Latin Lucky
Felic Boy Latin Happy
Felice Boy Latin Happy
Felicia Girl Latin Happy
Felicián Boy Latin Happy
Feliciana Girl Latin Happy
Felicianna Girl Latin Happy
Feliciano Boy Latin Happy, lucky, fo...
Felicianus Boy Latin Happy, lucky, fo...
Felicidad Girl Latin Happy
Félicie Girl Latin Happy
Félicien Boy Latin Happy
Félicienne Girl Latin Happy
Felicio Boy Latin Happy
Felicita Girl Latin Good fortune
Felicitas Girl Latin Good fortune
Félicité Girl Latin Happy
Felicity Girl English Happiness
Felicja Girl Latin Lucky
Felicjan Boy Latin Happy
Feliks Boy Latin Lucky
Feline Girl Latin Happy
Felipe Boy Greek Lover of horses
Felipo Boy Greek Lover of horses
Felisha Girl Latin Happy