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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Aengus Boy Gaelic One choice
Andengwisye Boy African God has claimed me
Bengt Boy Latin Blessed
Bérenger Boy German Glorious spear
Bérengère Girl German Glorious spear
Chéng Boy Chinese Accomplished
Chéng-gong Boy Chinese Succeed, success
Déshèng Boy Chinese Virtuous victory
Ehrengard Girl Germanic Honourable and p...
Engelbert Boy Germanic Bright Angle
Engjëll Boy Albanian Angel
Engracia Girl Latin Good will; in gr...
Ermengard Girl Germanic Whole enclosure
Feng Both Chinese Wind; custom; Ph...
Hinengaro Girl Maori Intellect, mind
Irmengard Girl Germanic Whole enclosure
Jing-sheng Boy Chinese Born in the city...
Khemkhaeng Boy Thai Strength
Mlengalenga Boy African Paradise
P'eng Both Chinese Fair; duckweed
Péng Boy Chinese Mythical bird
Phueng Girl Thai Bee
Puleng Girl African Out in the rain
Senga Girl Greek Chaste
Senghor Boy African Descendant of th...
Sheng Boy Chinese Triumph, victory
Sheng Li Boy Chinese Successful, very...
Sheng-Li Boy Chinese Successful, very...