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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Melisende Girl Germanic Strong work
Melisent Girl Germanic Strong work
Melissa Girl Greek Honey-bee
Melissah Girl Greek Honey-bee
Melisse Girl Greek Honey-bee
Melita Girl Hebrew Bitter
Melitta Girl Greek Honey-bee
Michelina Girl Hebrew Who is like God?
Micheline Girl Hebrew Who is like God?
Mikelis Boy Hebrew Who is like God?
Mkweli Girl Swahili Honest, truthful
Nayeli Girl Native Ame... I love you
Neelia Girl Latin Horn; horned
Nelia Girl Latin Horn; horned
Nelie Girl Latin Horn; horned
Noelia Girl Latin Day of birth
Noelie Girl Latin Day of birth
Odelia Girl Germanic Wealth
Ofelia Girl Greek Help; aid
Ombeline Girl Latin A sort of gem
Ophelia Girl Greek Help; aid
Ophélie Girl Greek Help; aid
Othelia Girl Germanic Wealth
Ovelia Girl Greek Happy; bright
Pamelia Girl English N/A
Pelia Girl Hebrew Miracle of God
Peliah Girl Hebrew Wonderful
Racheline Girl Hebrew Ewe
Rogelio Boy English Famous spear
Roselina Girl Latin Rose