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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Laureline Girl Latin Laurel
Lelia Girl Latin N/A
Lobelia Girl English Lobelia flower
Madelief Girl Dutch Daisy
Madelina Girl Hebrew From Magdala
Madeline Girl Hebrew From Magdala
Maelie Girl American E... N/A
Maëline Girl French N/A
Makelina Girl Hebrew From Magdala
Manuelita Girl Hebrew God is with us
Marceli Boy Latin Little Marcus
Marcelin Boy Latin Little Marcus
Marcelina Girl Latin Little Marcus
Marceline Girl Latin Little Marcus
Marcelino Boy Latin From the god Mars
Meli Girl Hawaiian Honey; bee
Melia Girl Latin Rival; emulating
Meliame Girl Hebrew Uncertain, maybe...
Melibea Girl Spanish Looking after
Melina Girl Greek Honey; quince-ye...
Melinda Girl English Blending of 'mel...
Méline Girl Greek Honey; quince-ye...
Meline Girl Greek Honey; quince-ye...
Meliora Girl Latin Better
Melisa Girl Greek Honey-bee
Melisande Girl Germanic Strong work
Melisandra Girl Germanic Strong work
Melisant Girl Germanic Strong work
Melise Girl Germanic Strong work
Melisenda Girl Germanic Strong work