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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Abelia Girl Hebrew Breath
Abelina Girl Latin Filbert or hazel...
Abelinda Girl Latin Beautiful serpent
Abelino Boy French Uncertain, pet f...
Acelin Boy French Noble; Highbirth
Aceline Girl French Noble; Highbirth
Adelia Girl Germanic Noble
Adelice Girl Germanic Noble kind; of t...
Adélie Girl Germanic Noble
Adelina Girl Germanic Noble kind; of t...
Adelinde Girl Germanic Noble shield
Adeline Girl Germanic Noble
Adelita Girl Germanic Noble
Aelia Girl Latin N/A
Aeliana Girl Latin N/A
Aelianus Boy Latin N/A
Aelius Boy Latin N/A
Akeliela Boy Hebrew Followers of God...
Amelia Girl Germanic Work; effort; st...
Amélie Girl Latin Rival; emulating
Amelina Girl Germanic Work; effort; st...
Ameline Girl Germanic Work; effort; st...
Amelio Boy Germanic Work; effort; st...
Anelia Girl Literary N/A
Anelie Girl Hebrew Grace; favour
Aneliya Girl Literary N/A
Angeli Girl Sanskrit Gift; offering
Angelia Girl American E... Angelic
Angelica Girl Latin Of the angels
Angelico Boy Greek Messenger