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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Berkeley Boy English Birch clearing
Caelen Boy Gaelic Victorious people
Caeley Girl Gaelic Descendant of Ca...
Celeborn Boy Literary Tall silver tree
Celebrían Girl Literary Silver queen
Celedonio Boy Latin A swallow (bird)
Celena Girl Greek Moon
Celene Girl Greek Moon
Celesta Girl French Heavenly; divine
Celeste Girl French Heavenly; divine
Celestea Girl French Heavenly; divine
Celestia Girl Latin Divine
Célestin Boy French Heavenly; divine
Célestina Girl French Heavenly; divine
Célestine Girl French Heavenly; divine
Celestyn Boy French Heavenly; divine
Celestyna Boy French Heavenly; divine
Celestynka Girl Latin From heaven
Chayele Girl Hebrew Alive, living
Cybele Girl Greek N/A
Daniele Both Hebrew God is my judge
Dikeledi Girl African Tears
Ele'ele Girl Pacific Is... Land; first woman
Eleanor Girl Greek Pity
Eleanora Girl Greek Pity
Eleanore Girl Greek Pity
Eleazar Boy Hebrew God is my help
Electa Girl Latin Select
Electra Girl Greek Shining; amber
Électre Girl Greek Shining; amber