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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
'Ele Both Hawaiian Black
Abelena Girl Latin Filbert or hazel...
Abimelech Boy Hebrew Father of the king
Achimelech Boy Hebrew My royal brother
Adele Girl Germanic Noble
Adelei Girl Germanic Noble kind; of t...
Adeleke Girl African A crown reaches ...
Adelena Girl German Noble one
Adelene Girl German Noble one
Adenrele Girl African The crown has re...
Agele Girl Greek Herd
Akahele Both Hawaiian Careful, cautious
Alepeleke Boy English Elf counsel
Andwele Boy African God brought me
Anekelea Boy Greek Man
Angele Girl Greek Messenger
Angelena Girl Greek Messenger
Angelene Girl Greek Messenger
Angeles Both Spanish Messengers; angels
Aristoteles Boy Greek Best purpose
Aurèle Boy Latin Golden
Avifelet Boy Hebrew My father is my ...
Avimelech Boy Hebrew Father of the king
Ayelén Girl Mapudungun To smile; joy
Ayelet Girl Hebrew Dawn; Deer
Ayodele Girl African Happiness return...
Barthélemy Boy Greek Son of Talmai
Bekele Boy African He has become; h...
Belén Girl Spanish Bethlehem
Belenus Boy Gaelic Shining, bright