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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Jyoticandra Boy Sanskrit Brilliant moon
Kachaundra Girl American E... N/A
Kassandra Girl Greek She who entangle...
Kavindra Boy Sanskrit Chief of poets
Keandra Girl Gaelic Son of Henry
Kendra Girl Gaelic Son of Henry
Kindra Girl Gaelic Son of Henry
Lakendra Girl Gaelic Son of Henry
Leandra Girl Greek Lion Man
Lysandra Girl Greek Freeing a man
Mahendra Boy Sanskrit Great Indra
Mahindra Boy Sanskrit Great Indra of t...
Manavendra Boy Sanskrit Lord of the people
Manendra Boy Sanskrit Ruler of mind
Manindra Boy Sanskrit Jewel of Indra
Matsendra Boy Sanskrit Rules the fish
Matsyendra Boy Sanskrit Rules the fish
Matsyendran... Boy Sanskrit Rules the fish
Medrawd Boy Welsh Own course; own ...
Melisandra Girl Germanic Strong work
Mrigendra Boy Sanskrit Lion; zodiac sig...
Mudra Both Sanskrit Joyful; seal
Nadra Girl Swahili Special
Nagendra Boy Sanskrit Chief of serpent...
Nandirudra Boy Sanskrit The joyful Rudra
Narendra Boy Sanskrit Mighty man; lord...
Neshandra Girl American E... N/A
Pádraic Boy Latin Patrician
Pádraig Boy Latin Patrician
Pedran Boy Greek Stone