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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Adora Girl Latin Loved child
Adoré Boy Latin Loved child
Adorée Girl Latin Loved child
Adoremus Boy Latin Let us adore
Adorjan Boy Latin From Hadria
Adorna Girl English To adorn
Agathadorus Boy Greek Good
Aldora Girl Greek A winged gift
Amador Boy Latin One who loves
Amadore Boy Latin One who loves
Amidor Boy Hebrew Generation of my...
Andor Boy Greek Man, warrior
Avidor Boy Hebrew Father of a gene...
Avigdor Boy Hebrew Father protector
Avigdora Girl Hebrew Father protector
Commodore Boy English A commodore
Dor Boy Hebrew Era
Dora Girl Greek Gift
Doran Boy Gaelic Pilgrim; strange...
Dorcas Girl Greek Doe, gazelle
Dorcia Girl Greek Doe, gazelle
Doreen Girl Greek Gift of god
Dorek Boy Greek Gift of Isis
Doretha Girl Greek Gift of god
Doretta Girl English Gift
Dori Both English Short form for a...
Doria Girl Greek Gift
Dorian Boy Literary N/A
Doriane Girl Literary N/A
Dorianne Girl Literary N/A