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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Jadon Boy Hebrew He will judge; g...
Jaidon Both American E... N/A
Jaydon Boy American E... N/A
Jordon Boy Hebrew Descend; flow down
Keldon Boy English Town of the keels
Ladonna Girl Italian Lady
Landon Boy English Long hill
Langdon Boy English Long hill
Langsdon Boy English Long stone
Liridon Boy Albanian Longing for free...
Liridona Girl Albanian Longing for free...
London Both English From London
Loudon Boy English Beacon hill
Lowdon Boy English Beacon hill
Lyndon Boy English Lime tree hill
Madongo Boy African Uncircumsised
Madonna Girl Italian My lady
Mandondo Boy African Drops
Meldon Boy English Hill with a cross
Middoni Boy English N/A
Odon Boy English Prosperous prote...
Ogdon Boy English Oak valley
Poseidon Boy Greek N/A
Sedona Girl American E... N/A
Seldon Boy English Rare, valueable
Sheldon Boy English Protected hill; ...
Sidonia Girl Latin Man from Sidon
Sidonie Girl Latin Of Sidon
Sidonius Boy Latin Man from Sidon
Sidony Girl Greek Of Sidon