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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Celedonio Boy Latin A swallow (bird)
Chardonnay Girl French Variety of grape
Claydon Boy English Clay hill
Corridon Boy Gaelic Spear
Croydon Boy English Saffron valley
Dieudonné Boy Latin Given by God
Don Boy Gaelic World rule
Donaciano Boy Latin Gift; donation
Donal Boy Gaelic World rule
Donald Boy Gaelic World rule
Donalda Girl Gaelic World rule
Donall Boy Gaelic World rule
Donát Boy Latin Given [by God]
Donata Girl Latin Given [by God]
Donatas Boy Lithuanian Being a giving h...
Donatella Girl Latin Given [by God]
Donatello Boy Latin Given [by God]
Donatien Boy Latin Given [by God]
Donato Boy Latin Given [by God]
Donatus Boy Latin Given [by God]
Donegan Boy Gaelic Descendant of Do...
Donell Boy Gaelic World rule
Dong Boy Chinese From the east
Dong-Min Boy Korean East and clevern...
Dong-Sun Boy Korean East and goodness
Donkor Boy African One whom is humble
Donna Girl Italian Lady
Donnag Girl Gaelic World rule
Donnagán Boy Gaelic Brown, dark
Donnchadh Boy N/A Brown combatant