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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Abdon Boy Hebrew Servant
Adon Boy Hebrew Master
Adonai Boy Hebrew Lord; my ruler
Adoni Boy Hebrew Lord; my ruler
Adonia Both Hebrew My Lord is God
Adoniah Boy Hebrew My Lord is God
Adonías Boy Hebrew Jehovah is Lord
Adonibaal Boy Phoenician Ba'al is my lord
Adonijah Boy Hebrew God is my lord
Adonis Boy Phoenician Lord
Adoniya Boy Hebrew My Lord is God
Aldon Boy English Old friend
Aldona Girl Germanic Old; elder
Aldonza Girl Spanish Noble war; battl...
Andon Boy Latin N/A
Andongwisye Boy African God has led me
Andoni Boy Latin N/A
Ardon Boy Hebrew Roving; fugitive
Avdon Boy Hebrew Servant
Belladonna Girl Italian Beautiful woman
Braedon Boy English Broad, wide
Braidon Boy English Broad, wide
Brandon Boy English Broom hill
Braydon Boy English Broad, wide
Brendon Boy Gaelic Prince
Brydon Boy Gaelic N/A
Caldonia Girl Latin N/A
Caledonia Girl Latin N/A
Cedonia Boy Latin A swallow (bird)
Celadonia Girl Latin A swallow (bird)